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Just wanted to give this app some love! Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

Doesnt record ;-;

Ok well this app is awsome it lets you go on google roblox YouTube and sigh in one problem... Doesnt record ;-; I press the record button... doesnt work I did EVERYTHING For those that it worked ... God blessed you ;-; Please to the creators make a update for it to work for everyone ~ me


I downloaded this because I have a YouTube channel and I thought you could record stuff that’s downloaded on your system BUT NO you can only record the things on the app THIS IS A BIG WASTE OF SPACE AND TIME I do not recommend this to EVERYONE


This is so stupid and there is no audio,RKJ Pictures out!

Its ok

Its pretty much just an app with a browser that you can record Note: you can only record when youre in the app

Its a good recorder I use it for my channel

Best one yet it is fast and affordable


Does not let me video any game pls try and fix the lag. Also it will now not load unless one of you now how to record games then pls tell me

Bad stupid screen recorder

I want to screen record a ROBLOX video for my YouTube channel but all it does I go to safari

No Sound

When I go to screen record something off of YouTube, I keep getting the footage I recorded but without the sound. :(

I hate it

I wanted to make a sad vid but if I Evan search a letter it will crash

What just happend

I found an app thats free and records screens without and problems? Was I just blessed?

Not great

It only records my screen only whene its on the spider web

It was great but..

It was ok. I disliked how I couldnt record on a different app.


I really dont like how every time when I try to exit the app or start the recording it doesnt do anything and when I look back at all the footage its just the screen freezing over and over again and when you start the recording the search bar goes away so all youre filming is just on screen please direct some directions cause this IS SO CONFUSING


I try to record but it shows up all black I was going to rate 5 stars but now its 1


For me it took forever to start recording.then it cant even record in different apps.THIS APP IS THE WORST DONT GET IT

I havent tried it but i can tell it doesnt work

I have been reading other reviews while it was downloading and i think it wont work... Also im on iphone so ;-;

Its alright?!

I think it is alright?!Its kinda stupid how some of them come out black but it kinda is good so I rate it 3 but Id say it is 3 and a half!! ?? it wont work all the time but its ?

Doesnt work

So I downloaded this app to record something on screen. It didnt work very well. Whenever I recorded something it would not save so I recorded it again and same thing it did not save. It kept showing me 3 seconds of the browser and that was it. And then there was another problem. Once I was done recording (it did not save) it wouldnt stop recording and then I finally stopped it but then it started again. Its pretty bad so 1 star

Im confused...?????

Hey developer of this app... i read your comments back to the people and i would like to know why the he** you make this "awesome" app that records websites and not other apps... this is how i was going to make youtube videos of me gaming but no that dream just perished in the deep depths of hell... please respond to me cause i would like to know what the f*** were you thinking on making an app that does not record other apps! And if you say the same god da** thing you have been saying to other people... i will spread the word about this piece of sh** app you all have been rating "good app" and you will not make money do you understand?

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