Spider Recorder 앱 리뷰

This I not..

This is not the right app.. It doesn't even record! I just... Don't understand it, so I'm just going to say that it's useless.. Im sorry, but you need more work on this app.


This is bad. I can't watch YouTube because it glitches out.

Very Disappointed about this

I gave it 1 star. Or maybe i shouldent give it any stars. This is just a waste of time. I was very excited when i saw the pictures on your home page but i cant even record on other apps. Ive been searching all over the app store looking for a screen recorder to record with. Its sad to see people disappointed and that ive wasted half of my time waiting for this dumb app to download. I dont suggest wasting your time on this. In fact this is the 3rd time this happened. False Advirtising on your home page of the app and you cant even record on other apps. I would have used airshou or bandicam or one of those apps but i cant coz im on Iphone 5 or 6. And that this was just a waste of my time. It would be a good app if you wanna play online games but this is just a big complaint on how much of a waste of time this screen recorder app is.

No sound and no app recording

Why can’t I record my apps? Also it won’t let me save my videos. There is also no sound. My other screen recorders don’t work so I depended on it so I went to this.

I can’t even record

I came to this app in hopes of being able to do screen recordings on my phone, as my iPhone 6 doesn’t screen record even with the iOS11 update. I press the button to record ( as it says in the short tutorial ) and what I received was nothing. You can clearly see that the button is registering my touch yet it still fails to do a screen recording. I have even downloaded this app 4 times in hope for a better response with no luck. I have even seen other reviews on this app saying the same thing. Work on the programming with this app because it obviously isn’t working.


It was so bad, I couldn't even start recording, and when it did all it recorded was the app


Waste of time. It doesn't work.


Just wanted to give this app some love! Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

Doesn't record ;-;

Ok well this app is awsome it lets you go on google roblox YouTube and sigh in one problem... Doesn't record ;-; I press the record button... doesn't work I did EVERYTHING For those that it worked ... God blessed you ;-; Please to the creators make a update for it to work for everyone ~ me


I downloaded this because I have a YouTube channel and I thought you could record stuff that’s downloaded on your system BUT NO you can only record the things on the app THIS IS A BIG WASTE OF SPACE AND TIME I do not recommend this to EVERYONE


This is so stupid and there is no audio,RKJ Pictures out!

The one problem

I can't record it and that's it the rest is ok😭🦊💛


It is the worst "screen recording app" in the world the only thing you can record is the app it's self.


So far it won't let me record but imma take those instructions and give it another shot! 1 star for now....


It’s good but I wish you could play games installed on your phone or iPad...

Pls help me!

When I try to even press the record button it doesn't record I'm so confused. Pls help

This doesn't save

So I recorded a video than its like

Do not recommend

Maybe if you had something that tells you what to do it would be easier it Joliet records the app. Not anything else

Do not get

When I opened the app to try it out, it started recording and then I tried to go to a game and it kept recording. Then I tried to stop it and didn't work. Don't waste your time with this dumb app.

Why it no work?

So I started to record a video when I went back to the app I couldn't end the video then it crashed and every time I tried to use after that it would crash immediately

False advertised and fake reviews

All five star reviews are either fake or made by someone looking for a web browser recorder because that's all this is and it's not even a very good one night I add it's got a lot of bugs here and there in my expierences 100% garbage don't waste your time


It doesn't even let you record a different app, not even your home screen. Don't waste your time downloading.

5 Stars

Amazing, although I have had a few problems with stopping the recording, could you possibly help me?


It only works on the browser but I will be using the app a lot for my YouTube channel👍🏼

Not the thing I was looking for

I was looking for a screen recorder for my phone so I can do speedpaints but it doesn't do that for me :1 I wish it record sounds so then I can hear but no I wouldn't really recommend if you wanna record and talk


Sadly it only records while your on the app. I was hoping you could record yourself playing on your other apps but you can't.

Works if you "WORK IT"!

I just downloaded this app and created my first video screen capture from my iPhone. I read all the previous reviews and was apprehensive about trying it but I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did! The key is that you have to go into the settings and open the spider app's browser and paste in the web address that you want to use as the screen capture. It does not work in other apps! If you are looking to do a screen capture from a web address, this is a great app and works just fine if you just follow the instructions and "WORK IT"!


This is good but can you make a screen recorder that records other apps???

Doesn't work

So I downloaded this app to record something on screen. It didn't work very well. Whenever I recorded something it would not save so I recorded it again and same thing it did not save. It kept showing me 3 seconds of the browser and that was it. And then there was another problem. Once I was done recording (it did not save) it wouldn't stop recording and then I finally stopped it but then it started again. It's pretty bad so 1 star

It's alright?!

I think it is alright?!Its kinda stupid how some of them come out black but it kinda is good so I rate it 3 but I'd say it is 3 and a half!! 😁😁 it won't work all the time but it's 😎

I havent tried it but i can tell it doesnt work

I have been reading other reviews while it was downloading and i think it wont work... Also im on iphone so ;-;


For me it took forever to start recording.then it can't even record in different apps.THIS APP IS THE WORST DON'T GET IT


I try to record but it shows up all black I was going to rate 5 stars but now it's 1


I really don't like how every time when I try to exit the app or start the recording it doesn't do anything and when I look back at all the footage it's just the screen freezing over and over again and when you start the recording the search bar goes away so all you're filming is just on screen please direct some directions cause this IS SO CONFUSING

It was great but..

It was ok. I disliked how I couldn't record on a different app.

Not great

It only records my screen only whene its on the spider web

What just happend

I found an app that's free and records screens without and problems? Was I just blessed?

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